You Might Be A Sports Mom If…

I have t-shirts proudly proclaiming it and my car confirms it.






Then I bet some of these (or all of these) apply to you, too!


Straight from the Sports Mamas who know best,  you might be a Sports Mama if…


When you make a trip to the car wash for baseball pants and leave with a dirty car.

– Stacy Elwartowski


You have 47 half-empty water bottles rolling around in your 7 passenger mobile locker room. Oh and I only have 2 kids…of my own.

– Shanon Lessard



When someone asks “what’d you do this weekend” and the answer never features “slept, read a book, cleaned my house, went to the pool, etc”

– Heather Hawkins



When you are tired from late games and up at the crack of dawn for another game and going to drive-thru or gas stations for coffee espresso monster drinks…any caffeine!!!!!

– Sharon D’Ambrosio



When you’re 50 years old and out buying a minivan for the first time ever.

– Valerie Hire



Your purse holds eye black, two types of sunblock, two baseballs, and spare contact lenses for your child. No wonder it’s so heavy!!

-Nancy Schretzman Sharkey



Your trunk looks like a locker room.

-Catrina N Curiel



When you get your nails done and she asks what sport you are currently in so she can find the right colors.

– Erin Taylor



Your work clothes are dirty but your kids jerseys are clean and ready to go!

– Darice Solis De Guzman



You have a free day from sports, but out of habit still make dinner at 9:30 pm.

-Ericka Hampton Collins



When you eat pizza for dinner more than you like to admit AND it’s no biggie to find a baseball cup right next to it.

– Wendy Murray Owens



When hydrogen peroxide has a permanent spot in the laundry, and the kids change clothes in the car from one sport practice to another.

– Katherine Bryant



When your car smells like a wet donkey.

-Katrina Penkava



You have a collection of team tees and hoodies.

– April Curry



When there are balls, bags, and hats ALL OVER THE HO– USE!!!

– Jenessa Busenitz



When you find your sons cup on your purse.

– Jennifer Bixby Sulpizio



When every work vacation day is set aside for soccer travel.

– Christina Atwood Letak



Your house is a mess because you are never home on weekends.

– Pam Rakes Monk



You need a weekend to recover from your weekend.

– Stacie Mahoe



When you have a doctor appointment for one kid and the other kid is uniform for a game.

– Suz Lalliss



Your minivan smells like ALL the sweaty equipment.. shinguards, pads, shoes, etc.

-Cari Habig Phillips



You’re just freaking exhausted…but HAPPY !

– Amie SF Thomson


What about YOU? How did you know you were a Sports Mama? Comment below!

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