Episode #20 – Thank You, Sports Mom! with Peter & Sheryl Schwartz

What You’ll Hear in Today’s 15-Minute Huddle:


  • “Thank you, Sports Mom!” We all know sports moms are truly the heartbeat of youth sports and so it’s time to say thank you and to celebrate all that you do.


  • I’m joined by Peter and Sheryl Schwartz. Peter wrote a blog post for USA Football titled, “Why My Sons Have a Special Sports Mom.”


  • Why Peter wrote the post and how he recognized how much Sheryl does to support their sons in their sports.


  • Sheryl’s tips to keep her son’s uniforms clean and white.


  • What Sheryl loves most about being a sports moms and the community and family that forms when your kids are in sports.


  • Peter shares what he loves most about Sheryl and why she deserves Sports Mom of the Year.


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