Episode #17 – How Do I Build My Athlete’s Confidence?

What You’ll Hear in Today’s 15-Minute Huddle:


  • Today’s questions: How do I build my athlete’s confidence?


  • To help answer this question, I’m joined by Coach Jenn. She’s going to share with us how she helps teen athletes build the tools, the team, and the toughness to win in school, sports and life.


  • What it means to be “confident” and what you should strive for.


  • The three elements you need to build confidence and belief: Courage, Consistency, and Confidence


  • The two elements of belief and emotion and how they play into confidence.


  • How goal, community and team, and habits can help your child enjoy their athletic journey.


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While competing as a Division 1 Athlete at her dream school, Jenn’s life was turned upside down. On the verge of losing everything, Jenn discovered the secrets to success that she now shares with teen athletes to help them conquer any obstacle, master the mental game and win in sports, school and LIFE! She created The All-Star Club , a unique online community of teen athletes and mentors who are committing to crushing expectations on and off the field. Jenn is a Best Selling Author and Motivational Speaker. Her latest Book is titled: “A League of Your Own” Leadership Lessons from All-Star Athletes who want you to Win in Sports, School and Life.




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