Episode #36: How Do We Change the Default from ME to WE in Youth Sports?

What You’ll Hear in Today’s 15-Minute Huddle:

What if our athletes were more focused on being the best FOR their team instead of the best ON their team?

In today’s huddle, I talk with Dr. Rob Bell, a mental toughness coach, who believes that No One Gets There Alone (which is also the title of his latest book). We talk about what WE over ME looks like in youth sports. Dr. Bell tells us how an athlete can “get out of their own head” by serving others first.

Dr. Bell and I discuss…

  • Who he is, what he does and why he does it.
  • Why he holds sports and the vehicle of sport as sacred and how we can learn so much through sports.
  • What is the Hinge? And Rob shares his hinge moment during a triathlon and how it led to the question he asks “Would You Stop”?
  • What happens when athletes lose confidence?
  • Why gratitude and perspective, even in the most difficult circumstances, is most important to great performance.
  • How we truly get meaning in our life when we serve others, especially in sports and why No One Gets There Alone.


Dr. Rob Bell

  • I was the mental coach for multiple winners on the PGA Tour
  • I was a medalist at the Rio Olympics
  • I was the 2013 USTA National Champion
  • I have also caddied on the PGA Tour
  • I have written six books on mental toughness and
    I was an assistant professor of Sport Psychology for six years, publishing over a dozen research articles on the “Yips” in Golf, and effectiveness of sport psychology interventions. I was published in the Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, Journal of Athletic Insight, Journal of Sport Behavior, and The Sport Journal.
  • I speak often to businesses, universities, and corporate athletes including, Marriott, Walgreens, Morgan Stanley, JVA, PGA of America, among many others. I’ve been a certified consultant since 2006 of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology.
  • I deliver mental toughness training through a combination of research and over 10+ years of applied experience with hundreds of athletes, coaches, and teams. I’ve been featured on ESPN, FOX NEWS, The Golf Channel, New York Times, Runner’s World, & Stack Magazine.

Links & References:

Follow these links to find Dr. Rob Bells’ resources

Dr. Rob Bell, Mental Toughness Coach Website

Play On Website – Mental Training for Youth Athletes

Facebook: The Hinge – The Importance of Mental Toughness

Dr. Rob Bell: Twitter


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