Episode #35: What Does Love-Powered Leadership Look Like in Sports?

What You’ll Hear in Today’s 15-Minute Huddle:

What if there were a proven Coaching & Sports-Parenting Philosophy that would help your student-athletes have more joy, passion, confidence, and success on and off the field?

Would you want to hear about it?

In today’s huddle, I talk with Andrew Simpson from Player’s Fitness and Performance about the love-powered leadership philosophy and it’s growing movement in youth sports.

Andrew and I discuss…

  • Who he is, what he does and why he does it.
  • What is Love-Powered Leadership?
  • What happens when athletes lead from love, coaches coach from love and parents parent from love?
  • How John Wooden used the principle of leading with love in his coaching (even though he didn’t put the word LOVE in the success pyramid and regretted it).
  • Four Practical, Uncommon Ways to Increase Athlete’s Performance
  • How to improve the parent/athlete relationship with a 30 day “Not Say Anything Challenge” (starting in June).


Andrew founded Player’s Fitness and Performance in Frederick, MD during the Summer of 2013. He has been a competitive athlete his entire life. Sports are in his blood. He discovered he had a passion for Exercise Science, Nutrition, and Human Performance in 2010 and decided to blend this with his love for athletics.

He and his team have been blessed with the responsibility to mentor and develop hundreds of middle and high school students in the Frederick area. Andrew’s mission is to inspire youth to live uncommon lives and to bold enough to become extraordinary leaders.

Links & References:

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Player’s Fitness and Performance Website

Player’s Fitness and Performance Facebook

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