Episode #28: Before You Yell at That Official, Get to Know One

What You’ll Hear in Today’s 15-Minute Huddle:

“You should check your phone for messages, you’ve been missing calls all night,” someone yells from crowd.

This is one of the more humorous quips heard from the stands, but often what the crowd yells is not so funny and can turn ugly.

In today’s 15-minute huddle, I talk with Craig Kibbe, High School basketball and football official, about what it’s really like to be an official and how parents can partner with officials to create a great environment for youth sports.

Craig and I discuss…

  • How he got started and why he loves being an official.
  • What happens when newer officials start out officiating younger athletes.
  • How to recognize the commonalities between parents and officials.
  • The process of becoming an official and what they invest in their profession.
  • The sticky note approach to sports parenting.
  • How to see the officials as “on your team” and understand that officials love the sport just like we do.
  • Craig’s advice to sports parents, from his perspective as an official and former coach, to keep perspective on why you are there.

“They’ve invested $250 to $300 to officate 3rd grade kids because some day they hope to be at high school level, so help them get there.
Be a partner in that. That would be appreciated.”

Craig Kibbe


Craig has been officiating football for 11 years and worked postseason playoffs in 9 of those 11. He has been officiating basketball 13 years working postseason the last 10 seasons in a row, including 3 State tournaments. Craig was also a middle school teacher and coached football, basketball, and track.

Craig’s day job is Deputy Director of Human Resources, Dept of Administration for the State and has been with the State for 19 years.

He is married to his lovely wife, Shelby, for 24 years and has two daughters, Emma and Claire.

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Dear Mom and Dad: Cool It


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