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Don’t Mess This Up: Your Role as a Sports Parent

For any athlete to become a champion, which means going as far as possible in their sport, it takes a total team effort behind them. Without the appropriate support and guidance of coaches and parents, real success in sports is virtually impossible!   The key here is that each member of the ATHLETE-PARENT-COACH team “play” the right…

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How to Teach Your Child to be a Team Player

Just because your child is on a team does not make them a team player.   Team players are athletes who play because they love the game and understand the idea that they are playing a team–not an individual–sport.   It’s not easy being a team player. As humans, our natural tendency is to be…

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Best 3 Tips for Bleacher Behavior

My journey as a sports mom began over 25 years ago when my oldest, now 31, became a little gymnast.   All three of my children started sports before they started school and between the three of them, played 8 different sports.  If you add up all the hours I’ve spent watching my kids play…

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