Athlete of the Day: Olivia Morgan

It’s time to celebrate our Athlete of The Day!


Olivia Morgan, daughter of Sports Mama, Darlene Morgan, is our Athlete of the Day.



Tell us about Olivia’s achievement: 

She began golf for the first time as a Freshman at Shawnee Heights High. She was determined to do well and so she worked hard and went to all practice and more. As a result, she was moved to Varsity and lettered as one of the youngest athletes.



Tell us about a character trait Olivia has that you just adore:

She has a side of her that is quirky who can be spontaneous and fun. She is focused and wants to do well in school and she really applies effort. All this and then there is this side of her that knows life moves fast so she keeps this youth about her I love – like when she leans on me when we are sitting or if she is feeling sad she still comes to my room and sleeps in my bed. She has known heartache too soon in life through the loss of her dad and she perseveres through the grace of God.



Tell us one thing you want your athlete to know:

That I love her so much and there is so much she can do. She has proven to herself how when there is a will there is a way. That there are no limits.  To trust God and thank Him for all her abilities and he will continue to bless her. To just believe in herself and never feel something is out of reach – all it takes is to just try. Pray about it and be guided by our Lord.



Congratulations, Olivia!



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