Athlete of the Day: Kiya Williams

It’s time to celebrate our Athlete of The Day!

Kiya Williams, daughter of Sports Mama, Becky Hunter, is our Athlete of the Day.


Tell us about Kiya’s achievement:

After being bullied, Kiya found courage and confidence in kickboxing.  Now Kiya is a seven-time world champion and nine-time British champion.

As well as a two-time Bristol Open champion, World Association of Kickboxing Organisation champion, International Combat Organisation champion, World United Martial Arts champion, and CIMAC champion.



Tell us about a character trait Kiya has that you just adore:

Kiya is a bubbly, happy caring girl who is always smiling. There is no one quite like her. She brightens up every single day with her humor and funny little ways.

She’s a loving little girl with a good heart, but can be a warrior on the mats. She makes the world a much better place. She is one unique little trouper.


Tell us one thing you want your athlete to know:

She is truly inspirational and a pleasure to always be around.  Kiya’s smile and laugh are infectious and there’s no one like her. A truly special little girl whom I can’t even describe how much we are so proud of her and love her.



Congratulations, Kiya!


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