Athlete of the Day: Dawson Durkes

It’s time to celebrate our Athlete of The Day!


Dawson Durkes, nominated by Sports Moms United, is our Athlete of the Day!



Tell us about Dawson’s achievement: 

Dawson is a high school baseball player who works extremely hard to get better every day. And he is also a role model for my nine-year-old son, Beau.  Beau and Dawson are working together a couple times a week on baseball fundamentals, and as Beau’s mom, I can see more important “fundamentals” taking root beyond just baseball.

Dawson has inspired Beau. When Beau watches Dawson prepare, work hard and do the work necessary to become a college baseball player, he gets to see what going for your dreams looks like and the work ethic to get there.

It’s great to have Dawson in Beau’s life.



Tell us about a character trait Dawson has that you just adore:

Dawson has a great heart. He’s a high school who is taking time to work and inspired an elementary school kid…that’s so awesome!



Tell us one thing you want your athlete to know:

Dawson, you are an amazing young man! I am incredibly grateful that you are taking the time to help Beau and I can see how much it means to him. You are a special athlete and you will have much success on and off the field in the future.  We will be cheering you on!



Congratulations, Dawson!



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