Athlete of the Day: Cade Burns

It’s time to celebrate our Athlete of The Day!

Cade Burns, nominated by both his Sports Mama, Tes Burns, and his friend, Aaron Peterson, is our Athlete of the Day!

Tell us about Cade’s achievement:

Cade’s Mom says: In a high school basketball game this season, he was able to keep his cool when the pressure was on. The team was down by one when he was fouled taking a shot. There were only 2 seconds left and he had two free throws. He was able to make both of then and they won by 1 point.

Cade’s friend, Aaron, says: He made his free throws at the South High basketball game.

Tell us about a character trait Cade has that you admire:

Cade’s Mom says: I love his heart. He has a huge heart and is willing to help anyone on and off the court.

Cade’s friend, Aaron, says: His kindness. Love to watch him play basketball.

Tell us one thing you want your athlete to know:

Cade’s Mom says: I just want him to know how proud I am to be his mom!

Cade’s friend, Aaron, says: A great friend!

Congratulations, Cade!

Sports Moms United Athlete of The Day is built on recommendations from Parents, Coaches, and their Community; it’s how we discover youth athletes to feature, so if you know someone who deserves recognition please let us know here.

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