Athlete of the Day: Atlee Kitts

It’s time to celebrate our Athlete of The Day!

Atlee Kitts, nominated by Sports Mama, Tiffany Kitts, is our Athlete of the Day!

Tell us about Atlee’s achievement:

Atlee has worked so hard to get where she is at. We did have a 9 week set back when she broke her arm. I’m so proud that she will be competing for the first time on Feb 23,2019

Tell us about a character trait Atlee has that you admire:

Atlee fell in love with Gymnastic when she was 7. Nothing stopped her. 3 months in recovery class they bumped her up to the training team. The coach said it was because she was a hard worker and she always pushed her self. May 2018 Atlee broke her arm doing a back handspring. That never stopped her. She was still at practice. Atlee strives to be a gymnast. Her goal was to go to Flip for the Fight meet in 2019. Her 11 hours at the gym paid off and she will be competing.

She told me last night. “Mom I don’t care if I get a medal. I just want to have fun!” I love her positive attitude.

Tell us one thing you want your athlete to know:

She’s a very hard worker and is always positive.

Congratulations, Atlee!

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