A Safe Way to Cut Weight

jake and zeke
Jake Derr, mother of Zeke Derr, is a wrestling mom. And wrestling moms often struggle as they watch their athlete try to cut and maintain weight for the sport.  Wrestling is a tough sport; add the dynamic of maintaining weight and athletes can be tempted to do some unhealthy things to their body concerning their nutrition. But check out how Jake’s son was able to manage his weight in a HEALTHY way….
Jake Derr's son“My happy, Haymaker wrestler who has achieved his descent plan AHEAD of schedule, all while NEVER going hungry, being dehydrated, grumpy, irritable, isolating himself in his room so he’s not tempted, nor is he weak. He’s full of energy, strong, occasionally gets to eat things normal teenagers do (pizza), eats healthy fats including nuts, snacks ALL the time (good-for-you snacks, of course), and did I mention he’s happy?
Wrestling parents of boys trying to cut and maintain weight will know what I’m talking about! I noticed his acne is clearing up, also! So many benefits achieving a healthy weight the right way!
complete infodinner prep
“Due to the descent plan, he will still wrestle at 170# this week, even though he’s weighing less than 160#, but he’ll likely have the energy the other wrestlers won’t have because most are achieving their weight the way it’s always been done. We’re hoping to start changing some thinking with Zeke’s awesome example!”
Zeke managed his weight by adding over 40+ whole foods to his diet, but in a way that made sense and was good for him!  This kid has an amazing future ahead of him!

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