17 Lessons From Sports Moms Every Sports Parent Should Read

Every sports parent should read their answers because these sports mamas get it right.


What is one thing you have learned as a sports mom that you are grateful to have learned?


How to bite. my tongue.

– Chelsea Colburn



Saying “I love to watch you play” really does have a magical effect.

-Chris Hyde Clark



To focus on praising the effort and not the outcome – effort they can control but outcome they can’t.

– Kim Davis Edwards


Allow your son or daughter to deal with talking to their coach. Always let them deal with the issue and only step in as a last resort. Especially in their high school years and if lucky their college years.

-Rita Kukura



Never be Negative.

-Pat Smith Snowden



These are children. Many parents haven’t figured it out; its not about them.

-Shannon Lessard



To let my sons grow into young men.

-Kathryn Marney



Be positive and your kid will play positive even if they lose!

– Cristy Prince Greeson



Just because I played sports doesn’t make me an expert.

Alicia Fogarty



How to love kids that aren’t even my own.

Ericka Hampton Collins



Bring an umbrella.

Amanda Corbin Hough



Fully supporting the dream and passion is part of the journey to success.

Krista Vita



Thankful for easy dinners and the amazing relationships formed on and off the field!!!! Definitely realized praising the effort is key!

– Bree Bean Coplen



A $50 wagon from Dick’s Sporting Goods was the best equipment piece for every season!

– Brittany Denton



Keep your mouth shut unless it is to encourage or to show appreciation.

– Cari Habig Phillips



Youth can teach us so much as long as your heart and eye are wide open.

– Sharon Keely Palmer



Keep the big picture in mind…what do I want my child to be when they are done playing sports?

Janis Meredith



That my children, even if they are like me in some ways, do NOT have the same fears or worries that I do!  And I can allow them to travel THEIR path and, even when it doesn’t go the way I envisioned, it can still work out amazingly awesome. So I don’t need to force them along the path or the timeline that I think they need to be on. Their journey is PERFECT for THEM and I get to ENJOY it with them.

– Stacie Mahoe


There you have it. Straight up wisdom. It’s time for Sports Moms to take charge of youth sports!


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